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The NTD protocol revolutionizes the concept of staking by leveraging the $wTAO token to enable users to interact with the ecosystem. $wTAO which is on the Ethereum network and helps users to bridge seamlessly between Ethereum and Bittensor networks.

Neural Stake

Neural Stake establishes a lucrative and convenient mechanism for utilizing staking opportunities inside the NTD environment. Users can securely stake $wTAO to earn up to 19% in rewards on NTD protocol. This is in addition to $ntTAO, which can be staked to partake in operations within the network such as decision making, thereby contributing to the growth of the network.

  • Attractive Returns: High-profit staking pools with attractive APR rates incentivize users to leave their tokens and take part in the growth of the network.

  • Flexibility: User-friendly staking options varying in terms of lock-up periods and investment objectives match different needs of participants.

  • User-Friendliness: An intuitive interface with easy-to-use processes makes staking available also for the inexperienced.

  • Governance: Stakers can gain voting rights through ntNTD tokens, which allows them to play a decisive role in the future governance of the platform.

Neural Validator

Neural Validator service strengthens the ecosystem by guaranteeing decentralization, security, and operation efficiency. NTD runs the most secure and robust validator nodes to safeguard the network.

  • Increased Network Security: Reliable validator offerings increase the stability and safety of the network, ensuring the security of the users' investments.

  • Decentralization: Through its validator node operations, NTD intends to achieve decentralization, which is the fundamental principle of blockchain technology.

  • Passive Income: Users can entrust their stake to Neural Validators and get rewarded without having to meet the technical requirements to run their own validator node.

  • Network Stability: Validators on NTD help to guarantee high speed performances of the network and seamless user experience.

Neural Chain

Neural L2 Chain: A Layer 2 blockchain solution built on top of the Bittensor network aimed at addressing scalability on costly Layer 1 blockchains. It focuses on accelerating transactions and reducing fees, thereby providing a more efficient and affordable experience. By surpassing traditional Ethereum L2 scaling limitations, it enhances transaction speed, lowers costs, and improves network scalability and interoperability.

  • Faster Transactions: Neural Chain is built to process transactions faster and generally have a positive effect on user experience by lowering waiting times.

  • Lower Fees: Neural Chain fees are significantly lower thereby enabling micro-transactions and reducing the cost of frequent DeFi operations.

  • Scalability: Neural Chain tackles the issue of congestion, thereby enhancing operations, powering scalable dapps and capturing a larger user base.

  • Interoperability: The Neural Chain has the potential to fork into other chains, which will give NTD a greater coverage and cross-chain DeFi opportunities.

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