Neural Tensor helps maximize DeFi opportunities on the Bittensor network and the dynamic DeFi ecosystem. The protocol empowers $TAO and $NTD holders to leverage the full potential of their staked assets.

High-Yield Staking: $wTAO stakers will get up to 19% APY on NTD, thus drawing in users who are focused on consistent income growth of their digital assets. NTD aims to disseminate most crypto projects which are often volatile or unstable at staking awards but ours stays attractive and long-lasting.

AI-Powered DeFi Toolkit: Consisting of NTD's suite of AI-powered applications for the visualizing of the multi-faceted aspects DeFi for the users, now everyone can learn and use. The deployment of this user guide has placed every trader irrespective of the technical level to explore the terrain of decentralized finance with confidence. Say, for example, the use of AI assistants that would make it easy for you to create smart contracts, dive into market analysis, or audit contracts for security suddenly become feasible. NTD aims at equipping you with these wonderful instruments that you can play easily right from your fingers

Robust Validator Services: NTD performs network reinforcement by providing the infrastructure access, which encompasses voter contributions that promote security, stability, and growth of the ecosystem. Validators constitute one of the most important approaches to ensure the credibility and productivity of the network. Through the successful running of NTD's validator nodes, there is a guarantee of security and growth of the NTD ecosystem, all users are potentially positioned to enjoy all round benefits of DeFi by interacting with NTD protocol.

Governance Participation: ntTAO is the liquid token that shows proof that a user has staked and also enables contribution to the direction of the platform. NTD protocol allows users to shape the operations of the platform, and there is space for their involvement in its development. With the ownership of ntTAO tokens, users acquire the power to vote on proposals with consequences reaching as far as upgrades of the protocol to fee changes.

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