Buy & Sell Tax: A 5% tax levied on token purchases and sales respectively. This tax is used to fund platform development and reward stakers who ensure adequate liquidity within the ecosystem.

Decentralized Finance (DeFi): A financial system built on blockchain technology, characterized by peer-to-peer transactions, transparency, and the absence of centralized intermediaries.

Governance: The process by which users or token holders participate in shaping a platforms growth through voting on proposals that impact the protocol, fee structures, and other crucial aspects.

High-Yield Staking: A staking mechanism offering attractive returns to users who lock their tokens to support network growth and earn rewards.

Neural L2 Chain: A L2 blockchain built on Bittensor to address scalability challenges in L1 and enable faster, cheaper transactions.

Staking: A core DeFi functionality within that allows users to stake tokens and earn rewards while contributing to network security and growth.

Secure Network: A blockchain network that is resistant to attacks and tampering, due to robust validator services.

ntTAO Token: ntTAO is the liquid token that proves a user has staked their assets on the NTD protocol. The token within the NTD ecosystem also represents governance rights. Holders of ntTAO tokens can vote on proposals that influence the platform's development.

Total Supply: The total number of tokens ever created.

Validator: A node responsible for verifying transactions and maintaining the security of the blockchain network. Neural Validators play a crucial role in ensuring the integrity of the NTD network.

wTAO: Wrapped version of the TAO token that is compatible with the Ethereum network and facilitates seamless staking and unstaking within the NTD network.

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