Phase 1:

  • Token Launch

  • Introduction of $NTD - $TAO staking pool and validator services to empower the community to become stakeholders within the network while earning rewards (Testnet).

  • Implementation of basic Layer 2 infrastructure to increase scalability of the ecosystem.

  • Launch of $ntTAO to enable users to contribute to the Neural tensor Dynamics ecosystem.

Phase 2:

  • Implementation of Layer 2 advanced blockchain for improved efficiency in data storage.

  • Deployment of smart contracts to power up basic DeFi infrastructures on lending and borrowing.

Phase 3:

  • Launch of Neural Chain and validators (Mainnet)

  • Expansion of lending pool to allow users have access to vast liquidity within the network

  • Implementing more DeFi features and improvements of existing products within the ecosystem.

  • Onboarding projects into Neural Chain and hackathon programs to boost ecosystem growth.

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